Used Sumitomo SH360

Find Sumitomo sh360 Japan Made Excavators For Sale At Wholesale Price Excavators (also known as hydraulic excavators) are large vehicles useful in construction. It  has a boom, bucket, dipper (or stick), and cab on a rotating platform called the “house.” A set of wheels or rails supports the home. FXExcavators Japan Made Excavators for Sale have a […]

Used Mini Excavator

Used Mini Excavator Supplier Of Komatsu PC35 Mini excavators, commonly called compact diggers, are smaller in size. They are perfect for construction, digging, and earthmoving jobs. They stand out for their small size and weight, which ranges from 1 to 8 metric tonnes. These adaptable machines have a boom, a bucket, and a hydraulic system […]

Used Komatsu PC200

Used Komatsu PC200 Excavator For Sale – Online Komatsu Limited manufactures the hydraulic excavator of the best quality. If your company is looking for a wholesale collection of excavators, the used Komatsu PC200 Excavator For Sale is ideal to purchase.  For construction sites and industry applications, Fxexcavator supplies the world’s first hybrid construction equipment. Our […]