PC55MR-2 – 5 Ton Excavator For Sale Japan Made

PC55MR-2 – 5 Ton Excavator For Sale Japan Made



Used Komatsu 5 Ton Excavator For Sale At Affordable Prices

Our Japan Made 5 ton Excavator For Sale is now available with us at reasonable rates. A 5-ton excavator sometimes is a medium-sized piece of construction machinery that works well for a variety of excavation tasks. Their size qualifies them as compact excavators, yet they are bigger and more capable than tiny excavators.

Their agility and capacity to operate in constricted areas make them ideal for excavating trenches, ponds, footings, and other landscaping elements. Consumers can use a 5-ton excavator for small-scale demolition tasks like tearing up asphalt or concrete. In addition, excavators like this are useful in constructing trenches for underground utilities such as electrical wires, water pipes, and sewer lines. 

Factors of Mini 5 Ton Excavator Buckets In China and Japan

Customers who purchase a used compact excavator 5 ton from FXExcavator may profit from several advantages. Their compact size makes them easy to maneuver, making them ideal for working in cramped spaces and on restricted job sites. One significant advantage that boosts economic efficacy and has minimal environmental impact is fuel efficiency. A variety of 5 ton excavator buckets made by FXExcavator are designed to dig more efficiently.

Because of its narrow tail radius, the cheap mini excavator can dig up to 4 meters deep. It is a powerful machine that is small and maneuverable while being slightly wider than 2 meters. The fuel tank capacity of the excavator is about 75 liters.

Thus, it can dig a depth maximum of 3890 mm and travel at a speed range of komatsu 1.8 tonne excavator to 3.1 mph. The machine weight range is 12,200 lbs to 12,820 lbs, depending on several factors.

Through the use of advanced features and technology, operators may do tasks quickly and precisely, boosting output and decreasing downtime. Additionally, the 5 ton excavator for sale versatility ensures that it can accommodate a range of attachments, allowing for customization to suit the demands of certain tasks. These excavators’ exceptional performance and user-friendliness make them a cost- and time-effective choice for a range of earthmoving tasks.

Best Quality 5 Ton Excavator For Sale

Take control of your projects with a 5-ton excavator’s agility and strength. These adaptable workhorses are suitable for tight places, utilities, demolition, and landscaping. Moreover, the ideal ratio of strength to size is beneficial.

For expert contractors or those launching their own excavation company. A 5-ton excavator may hold the secret to achieving unprecedented levels of efficiency. 5-ton excavators are powerful machines that can handle large loads. 

With engine choices between 40 and 55 horsepower, you can easily handle difficult tasks. Utilize cutting-edge hydraulic technologies to operate smoothly and precisely. Outstanding digging depth, reach, and lifting ability let you overcome a variety of obstacles.

PC55MR-2 Specifications:

Engine Oil Capacity
2 gal
used & new
Operational Voltage
Swing Speed
9 rpm
Hefei, the biggest used excavators market in East China
By ship

They are useful tools for landscaping, utility work, and agriculture because of their small size and strong performance. The New & used mini excavators for sale are lightweight and have a compact design. Five-ton excavators move quickly in small spaces, in contrast to their larger counterparts. With remarkable skill, carry out trenching, backfilling, and material handling.

Purchase Second Hand 5 Ton Excavators For Sale – Fxexcavator

When evaluating the lifetime and condition of a used mini excavator, one of the most important things to take into account is the number of operational hours. Despite the long lifespan of these devices, it is crucial to monitor their hourly usage.

This is in order to determine the amount of wear and tear they have experienced. For the most part, moderate usage is defined as 4,000 to 5,000 hours of operation for a mini excavator. That doesn’t always imply, though, that it is worn out. A tiny excavator can work well beyond this range with the right upkeep and handling. 

Always find out about the maintenance history of a second-hand mini excavator and give it a full inspection to make sure it fulfils your requirements. Purchase second hand excavators for sale at the most affordable price.


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