Best Komatsu Used Excavators For Sale – Large And Mid-Size

Excavators or trackhoes are valuable assets in the construction and aggregate industries, and they are noted for their versatile uses. An excavator’s primary purpose is to move earth, and it accomplishes this by trenching and penetrating a variety of terrains, including cohesive soils and other granular sediments, with the help of its robustly constructed bucket. These used excavators for sale qualify as medium-sized equipment and are famous for their powerful digging skills.

FXExcavator heavy-duty machines are powered by diesel engines, while hybrid and electric technologies are emerging. A range of sizes is available on the market, and each one has a different lift capacity determined by things like breakout force and hydraulic flow rate. The various excavator subclasses—small or mini to larger crawler versions—work with a similar primary mechanism. Thus, a hydraulic actuation system consists of the boom, stick (or dipper arm), and the pivotal bucket.

Heavy Duty 20 Tons Excavator For Sale

There are a variety of used excavators for sale, ranging from small models with an operating weight of less than one ton (0.9 metric tons) to large mining and quarrying models with a weight of over 1,000 tons (907.2 metric tons). Most excavators are tracked crawlers, but there are wheeled excavators, which move more swiftly around the job site. Thus, they offer more mobility and agility. 

FXExcavator offers the best designs of 20 tons excavator for sale in the market. They produce remarkable performance by combining strong power with exceptional efficiency. They are for challenging operations and large-scale projects because of their significant operational weight, which provides stability and additional digging force. For our clients, we provide the best Komatsu excavators for sale. The sturdy hydraulic system ensures everything works as it should, increasing accuracy and efficiency. Large-scale projects and complex tasks are ideal due to their substantial operational weight, which offers stability and more digging force.

What Are The Different Types Of Excavators For Sale At Fxexcavator

Numerous kinds of excavators can assist you in achieving your objectives, contingent on the demands of your enterprise or initiatives. 

1. Mini Excavators

Mini excavators are the most typical excavators for minor projects because they are adaptable in small places and can perform several tasks besides moving the earth. These are perfect for modest demolition or gardening projects. 

2. Hydraulic Excavators

Hydraulic excavators are frequently the most popular excavators for medium to large-scale projects. Like small excavators, hydraulic excavators also have tracked wheels, but they can lift loads of up to six tons and have an enclosed cabin.

3. Wheeled Excavators

Wheeled excavators, as the name implies, lack a tracked wheel system and instead use four massive rubber tires. Excavators of this sort are better for paved metropolitan areas. 

Trackhoes & Excavators For Sale Purposes

Excavators are primarily helpful in construction (and demolition) machinery. FXExcavators help excavate, move dirt or other materials, handle scrap and logs, and demolition. Our small used excavators for sale are helpful for home use, landscaping, and cramped urban areas. Increasingly, owners and renters of smaller machines are choosing zero tail-swing designs, in which the revolving upper section of the machine ends just below the undercarriage. This is because as the machine is digging, the operator doesn’t have to worry about the back of the cab swinging into any walls, poles, or potential victims.

Meanwhile, special-purpose excavators include long-reach dredgers, bucket-and-boom dragline types, and scrap handlers with elevated cabins for improved vision. Thus, demolition crawler machines have high-reach arms, debris shields for protection, shield cabins, and filter ventilation systems. 

 In material handling, 20 ton excavators for sale are essential because they make it easier to move excavated substrates to other pieces of equipment, such as articulated dump trucks for off-site disposal or belt conveyors for processing. The availability of customized accessories adds even more versatility to these machines. These can turn an excavator into a potent instrument for pile driving, rock breaking, and even demolition work when buildings from the past need to be carefully removed. 

20 Tons Trackhoes & Used Excavators For Sale – FXExcavator

Excavators are an essential tool for every work that demands earth moving. We have the best brands manufacturers. With FXExcavator’s extensive global network of heavy equipment vendors and buyers, you can find reputable excavator brands within the sector. We offer different types, including 20 to 5 ton excavator for sale from Volvo, Hitachi, John Deere, Komatsu, and Caterpillar. Customers can access our high-end 20 ton excavators through the company’s vast network of reliable dealers. It can accommodate a range of project demands and price points.

 With our extensive selection of available excavators, discover the power of accuracy and efficiency. From lightweight micro models ideal for small-scale projects to powerful machines made for massive building activities, our variety caters to every demand. 

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