Used Komatsu PC200 Excavator

Used Komatsu PC200 Excavator



Used Komatsu PC200 Excavator For Sale – Online

Komatsu Limited manufactures the hydraulic excavator of the best quality. If your company is looking for a wholesale collection of excavators, the used Komatsu PC200 Excavator For Sale is ideal to purchase. 

For construction sites and industry applications, Fxexcavator supplies the world’s first hybrid construction equipment. Our top-quality excavator collection has outstanding fuel efficiency, which lowers operating expenses and helps the environment. 

Additionally, the design of the cab improves the operator’s comfort during extended operating hours. It thus reduces operator fatigue and boosts productivity. So, look for affordable Komatsu excavators for sale here. Not only do we work on top quality, but we do provide affordable construction equipment options for the industry leaders. So, buy second-hand Komatsu excavators for sale at the best price now.

Komatsu PC200 Hydraulic Excavator Specs & Dimensions

An excavator with a Komatsu PC200 model has a typical operating length of 31 feet 7 inches. The machine settings and attachments may cause this length to change. Also, it’s typical operating width is 10 feet, five inches. 

Depending on the machine’s setup and accessories, this width may change. Moreover, a Komatsu PC200 excavator’s standard operating height is 9 feet, 9 inches. This depends on the machine’s setup and accessories; this height may change.

The remarkable digging force and lifting capacity of the used Komatsu PC200-8 excavator for sale characteristics enable effective material handling and excavation. Its fashionable hydraulic system boosts productivity and cuts down on operating delays by offering precise control. 

Meanwhile, it consists of a 20-ton class capacity and a bucket size of 0.93 cubic meters. Also, this Komatsu PC200 Hydraulic Excavator boasts 138 horsepower. The 103 kW/138 HP very efficient engine of the PC200 engine is still present. However, it consumes 5% less gasoline and emits fewer emissions than before. For outstanding performance, the Komatsu PC200 fuel tank capacity is 105.7 US gal.

Komatsu PC200 Excavator Specifications:

Net Power
148 hp
Swing Torque
49907lb ft
Fuel Capacity
Operating Voltage
Reference Bucket Capacity
1.4 yd3
Hefei, the biggest used excavators market in East China
By ship

The focus on operator well-being improves overall task site safety. Furthermore, it can survive the most demanding working environments. Its durable design guarantees endurance and little downtime, boosting project efficiency.  

All Tons Model of Komatsu PC200 Construction Equipment For Sale

We have a very flexible Komatsu PC200 excavator for multiple applications. It is ideal for grading, trenching, foundation excavation, and other earthmoving and excavation tasks. Its precision and strength make it the finest choice for effectively shaping the landscape like 20 tons excavator.

The used Komatsu PC200 excavator for sale is perfect for building construction and road development. PC200 efficiently controls a wide range of construction operations with precision and simplicity.

The PC200 Excavator is utilized in the mining industry for material handling, digging, and loading, optimizing output in harsh environments. Its dependable performance guarantees efficient operations in all mining activities.

Buy Used Komatsu PC200 Excavator For Sale From Fxexcavator

FXExcavator is pleased to collaborate with Komatsu, a world leader in construction equipment. Komatsu’s commitment to innovation and customer service aligns well with FXExcavator’s mission to provide our customers with the most excellent tools and services available.

Our used Komatsu PC200 excavator for sale is a testament to their skill and offers quality and efficiency to construction projects worldwide. You choose a business that prioritizes client happiness and stands for quality in the construction equipment industry when you choose the low-priced Harga excavator Komatsu pc200-8 from FXExcavator.

Join us now to transform your construction projects with the Komatsu PC200 Excavator’s speed and accuracy.


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