Best Used CAT 320d Excavator For Sale

Best Used CAT 320d Excavator For Sale



CAT 320d Excavator For Sale With Best Bucket Capacity

FXExcavator’s Cat 320D Excavator is a robust and versatile piece of machinery. An electronic governor controls our engine’s 104 kW (139 hp) mechanically driven low-pressure fuel injection system. The new technology ensures Maximum efficiency and reliability in areas with worse fuel quality. It manages various excavation and building tasks with the utmost precision and efficiency. The CAT 320d excavator for sale features and dependable performance have made it the go-to choice for construction professionals seeking exceptional productivity and results.

We at FXExcavator take great pride in offering a wide range of excellent excavators, such as the exceptional CAT 320d excavator available for purchase. Our equipment is sourced from reputable manufacturers, so every job will be finished with reliability, longevity, and consistent performance.

High-Quality CAT 320d Excavator For Sale With Perfect Fuel Consumption

The Used CAT Excavator boasts a powerful engine and a cutting-edge hydraulic system that gives excellent digging powers and lifting capabilities. The 320D/D L Series 2 implement hydraulic system delivers high horsepower for lifting, excavating, and using powerful hydraulic work tools. It has a main-relief pressure of 35 000 kPa (5,076 psi) and a maximum oil flow of 2 x 202 L/min (53 gpm). The CAT 320d excavator bucket capacity is remarkable, making it reliable for multiple applications.

The excellent fuel efficiency of the CAT 320d amphibious excavator on our website reduces operating costs and negative environmental impacts. Its fuel-efficient design allows for optimum performance with minimal use of gasoline same like CAT crawler digger 349D2. Easy-to-use controls in the spacious, ergonomic cab help reduce operator fatigue during prolonged workdays.

While increasing efficiency, it provides precise control, effortless operation, and exceptional reliability. Boom and stick regeneration systems save energy during boom-down and stick-in operations, shortening cycle durations and increasing fuel economy.

Caterpillar 320D Specifications:

Net Power
140 hp
Operating Weight
Fuel Capacity
Good working condition
Reference Bucket Capacity
Hefei, the biggest used excavators market in East China
By ship

Used Excavator Cat 320d for Multiple Applications

We provide the top CAT 320d excavator for sale for various applications. It helps with trenching, grading, foundation digging, and material handling, making it ideal for building tasks. Its precision and strength reduce construction schedules and improve the overall effectiveness of projects.

Additionally, it has benefits for building highways and roads. It does tasks like ditching, slope maintenance, and embankment shaping, guaranteeing safe and clear roadways. This excavator provides the power and versatility needed for safe and efficient removal.

Our CAT 320 excavator fuel consumption is perfect for clearing and landscaping tasks. It makes it easier to precisely install conduits, cables, and pipes, which creates a reliable and efficient utility infrastructure. Thanks to its power, people can confidently utilize the Cat 320D Excavator from FXExcavator.

Best CAT 320d Excavator For Sale – FXExcavator

FXExcavator is an established firm in the construction sector dedicated to offering cutting-edge heavy equipment solutions to meet the various demands of construction professionals. With a reputation for quality and a focus on the needs of our clients, we provide the best japan made excavator CAT 320d excavator for sale on the FXExcavator website.

Our primary goal is to keep customers happy. Our dedicated customer support staff is ready to assist you at every step, from equipment selection to post-purchase service. With FXExcavator, you can count on prompt and trustworthy assistance whenever needed.

Thus, to achieve greater success with your building projects, leverage the power of FXExcavator’s goods and services. As a partner, please work with us to enjoy unmatched building quality.


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