Doosan vs Volvo Excavators a necessary piece of heavy machinery for many building projects. Excavators, you can also call them diggers, are useful for a wide range of tasks. This includes construction, river dredging, material handling, landscaping, demolition, and mining operations. An excavator’s boom, dipper, and bucket comprise its chassis. These parts attach to a cabinet that rests atop a revolving home.

For better visibility, many excavator cabs have 360-degree rotation capability. Depending on the manufacturer and the type of project, excavators might have wheels or tracks. In this blog article, we are going to discuss the features and benefits of Doosan vs Volvo.

Selecting Doosan vs Volvo Excavators Appropriate Digger For The Task

Determining precisely what you need the machine to achieve is the best method to determine what kind of excavator Doosan vs Volvo rental you need for your job. Choosing whether to buy or rent an excavator depends on several factors.

This includes the proper excavator size, required attachments, and the length of time you need the equipment. Renting the appropriate size of equipment for the task at hand may be more effective than attempting to use a single piece of equipment for many uses.

For earthmoving jobs or other tasks requiring a lot of digging, excavators are frequently useful. Having said that, these excavation machines are helpful in excavation due to the range of attachments and excavator rental sizes accessible.

Volvo Excavators Features And Benefits

Volvo Excavator mining

Fuel Consumption

Fuel conservation translates into better business revenues because it reduces operational expenses and greenhouse gas emissions.

Volvo CE is so sure of the cost-effective fuel efficiency of its excavators that for the duration of your ownership. Also, your excavator has a fuel efficiency guarantee as well.

How It Operates?

When you buy a Volvo CE excavator and start your free, standard, six-year CareTrack subscription, you will receive the Fuel Efficiency Guarantee. To optimize productivity and maximize uptime.

Fxexcavator keeps an eye on your excavator’s fuel consumption, location, running hours, speed, impending servicing intervals, and more. It also provides guided diagnostics that may report and analyse the machine remotely or onsite.

Machine Serviceability

Grouped lubrication and greasing points, anti-slip plates, rapid disconnect ports, and diesel exhaust fuel filling ports next to fuel filling ports are all features of Volvo CE excavators. The air filter is available in the back of the cab, where it will stay clean and need fewer changes.

Wide-opening doors with automated locking mechanisms and simple engine access are two other features of the Volvo CE or Cat.

Other Features:

These standards’ integrity comes from:

  1. Bench tests for durability.
  2. Frames made of high-tensile steel for extended service life and little fatigue risk.
  3. Weight-and strength-optimized frames.
  4. Swedish CE Welding Standard for superior robotic and traditional welding.
  5. Superior sealed bearings to avoid contamination and premature bearing failure.
  6. Large-cross section booms.
  7. Ultrasonic examination.
  8. For a longer undercarriage, a heavy-duty x-frame undercarriage distributes force.
  9. Strong joints and precise component positioning are ensured by machining the mating surfaces.

Features And Benefits Of Doosan Excavators

Doosan Excavators on rock to mining

The comfort and safety of the operator are given all the careful consideration, much as with all Doosan excavator for sale. The DX1000LC-7 boasts a brand-new, incredibly roomy cab that includes ergonomic instrumentation and controls.

By using a lot of sound-deadening materials and better sealing the engine compartment. The extra care is necessary to guarantee that noise should be at a minimum mini excavators and skid steers.

To guarantee durability, the company test, design, and construct every assembly and component. The purpose of multi-stage filters, track guards, track links, automatic lubrication systems, and cylinder guards is to offer maximum dependability and extended lifespan. Because of its ease of maintenance, the DX1000LC-7 has less downtime.

The Most Powerful Stage 5 Engine In Its Class Excavators

The new Stage 5 engine of the dependable Perkins 2806J diesel engine powers the DX1000LC-7 excavator. It produces more power than any other machine in its class at 469 kW (629 hp), using diesel oxidation catalyst and exhaust gas recirculation.

It also includes selective catalyst reduction, and diesel particulate filter (DPF) after treatment technology, the engine satisfies Stage 5 emission criteria. Every 25 hours, the DPF automatically regenerates, and the excavator keeps running normally throughout this time. Through the gauge panel’s display in the cab, the operator may monitor the DPF’s condition.

Maximum Hydraulic Flow Within The 100-Ton Category

The engine’s high horsepower pairs with a Virtual Bleed Off (VBO) hydraulic system. Moreover, an electric manipulator manages it effectively. Together, these features offer the best performance in the 100-ton market. This works amazingly with a hydraulic flow of (3x 523) – 1569 liters/min and a high system pressure of 360 bar, best in class is 20 tons excavator for sale.

Depending on the mode chosen, Doosan’s D-ECOPOWER+ FEH technology makes use of an electronically pressure-controlled pump. This happens in a compact center hydraulic system to maximize output and fuel efficiency. Pressure loss becomes less by a closed-centered main control valve. Also, an electric pressure-controlled pump better manages and optimizes the engine power.

You can even duplicate the advantages of an open-center hydraulic system electronically with very small energy loss by using the software. Further lowering system losses is the complete optimization and synchronization of the hydraulic system and engine power.

In addition, enhances the machine control and reduces operator fatigue when the operator receives better feedback through the joystick. The excavator’s workgroup operations have smoother acceleration and deceleration. Therefore, enabling operators to execute repetitive swinging and digging movements with reduced jerky movements.

Choosing Between Swing and Boom Modes

With the DX1000LC-7 excavator, the operator can prioritize swing or boom movements by switching between two modes. This allows them to customize the machine’s operation to best suit their needs.

The DX1000LC-7’s two-spool regeneration system guarantees higher working speeds while using less fuel. In addition to increasing hydraulic power and bucket working speed, the two-spool hydraulic system for the bucket cylinder further lowers fuel consumption.

Boom/stick rupture valves are also included as standard equipment on the DX1000LC-7 for further security and to stop onsite mishaps brought on by hydraulic line breaks.

Comfort And Controllability Become More Comparable

The DX1000LC-7’s new cab, which already excels in ergonomics and space, has developed to greatly increase operator comfort and ease of use. With more features than comparable machines on the market as standard. The cab has a new, premium seat and ensures superb controllability. It also offers very high precision in all applications other than this.

The eight-inch colour LCD touchscreen display is 30% larger than the previous model. Moreover, the stereo system built into the meter panel, which supports Bluetooth streaming, is the two primary new elements of the cab.

Enhance cabin interior design, including:

A FOP’S guard is necessary to comply with FOPS level 2 for quarry applications.

Air Compressor and Air Cannon for Optional Cabin Cleaning

A front camera, two side cameras, and a back camera make up the basic full 360-degree camera system. The camera display is independent of the gauge panel. It gives the operator a 360-degree view of the excavator and the surrounding region from above. Together with an AVM (around view monitoring) system, this is standard.

The Ease of Maintenance

With less fan power and speed requirements, the DX1000LC-7’s cooling system offers more cooling capacity. As standard equipment, the DX1000LC-7 has a reversible cooling fan that can be run in reverse to remove dust from the oil cooler and radiator. This feature saves time and effort during maintenance tasks and qualifies the machine for heavy-duty operation. In addition to its industry-leading performance, the DX1000LC-7 is built with reliable, long-lasting parts, including a Doosan Mottrol slew, a very sturdy Berco undercarriage, and Bosch Rexroth main pump and MCV systems, to ensure optimum uptime on-site.

Robust Applications

Customers in the mining and quarrying, overburden removal, and large volume material loading into dump trucks. Also, the rigid frame trucks are the main target market for the DX1000LC-7. Large construction and infrastructure projects can also make use of the DX1000LC-7. This is especially true when you need to excavate, store, and load a lot of material onto trucks for transportation.

Doosan currently provides machines ranging from 1 to 100 tons for a wide range of customer needs. Along with applications in construction, mining, rental, landscaping, and waste management, recycling. Also, the demolition was due to this extension of their excavator line.


If you are ready to purchase an excavator, you’re at the right place. Decide which one to choose first from the options that have already been discussed. Doosan and Volvo are among the best ones. You can order directly at Fxexcavator at the most reasonable price.

We have Japan made excavators for sale with top-notch grade that you can use for industrial purposes. These excavators are good in terms of application and reliability. Place your bulk orders right away without any delay. Our expert suppliers are always ready to assist your requirements 24/7.

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