Selecting the best digging deeper appropriate equipment can be crucial for construction contractors in ensuring the smooth completion of a project. It can be difficult to decide which brands provide the best value, performance, and durability when there are so many available.

A necessary piece of heavy machinery for the majority of building projects is an excavator. Excavators, often called diggers, are useful for a wide range of tasks. This includes construction, river dredging, material handling, landscaping, demolition, and mining operations.

For earthmoving jobs or other tasks requiring a lot of digging deeper, excavators are frequently useful. Nevertheless, these excavation tools are helpful for any size job because of the range of attachments and excavator rental sizes that are offered. We’ve put together a list of the top construction equipment brands based on different aspects. Along with the benefits and drawbacks of each, to help you make a wise choice.


Caterpillar brand loyalty is among the highest in the business, which is why the phrase “Caterpillar Yellow” is so popular. Like CASE, they began by building equipment to assist farmers in doing their jobs more efficiently. Since then, they have been keeping up the innovation and product line expansion since then. In 1972, CAT began producing the 225, their first hydraulic excavator.

With 34 compact, medium, and large excavators, Caterpillar currently boasts one of the largest excavator product ranges available on the market. Four of these are especially for demolition, two have long reach, and seven have wheels.

The ability to arrange CAT’s products according to a number of parameters. These include productivity, cost per operation hour, and maximum productivity. These are some of the advantages.


  1. Leader in the industry: They are popular for its wide array of superior products. Caterpillar is the world’s leading manufacturer of construction equipment.
  2. Cutting-edge technology: Caterpillar makes significant investments in R&D. Also, it yields state-of-the-art machinery that increases production and efficiency.
  3. Outstanding resale value: Caterpillar equipment has a good resale value for contractors because of its reputation for longevity and dependability.


  1. High initial cost: Some contractors may find it prohibitive to purchase Caterpillar equipment due to its high upfront costs.
  2. Parts and maintenance: Despite the long lifespan of Caterpillar machinery, replacement parts and upkeep might be more expensive than for other companies.


As a component of the wider Hitachi Group, Hitachi Construction Machinery is a 1970s Japanese firm. But it wasn’t until they got Kawasaki in 2015. Later, it became a North American brand. In 2021, Hitachi had its own hydraulic excavator and terminated its joint venture. It was with John Deere for the production and distribution of excavators in the Americas.

Hitachi currently produces 32 different types of excavators. Fleet management trends for heavy machinery of these models, fifteen are regular crawler excavators, and the remaining seventeen are for heavy-duty uses such as mining.

With the help of Hitachi Con site technology, you can monitor the oil levels and performance in real time. This makes the efficiency tracking simple. The ZAXIS-6’s camera system offers a 270-degree perspective of the surroundings. In order to enable them to operate throughout the day, they also have LED work lights. Additionally, they feature automatic sensors that turn the machine off after 30 minutes of inactivity.


  1. Dependability and effectiveness: Hitachi is famous for manufacturing construction equipment that is both dependable and effective. Especially when it comes to earthmoving and excavation.
  2. Technological innovation: Hitachi makes investments in the creation of cutting-edge technology. This includes the AC-3 hydraulic system, which is exclusive to the firm and enhances machine performance.
  3. Collaborative approach: To provide a wide range of machinery and technology. Hitachi collaborates with other market leaders, such as John Deere.


Hitachi machinery has some of its cons as well. You may need to read the whole guide. Also, make sure to select the right excavators after reading.

  1. Limited product focus: Excavators and earthmoving equipment are Hitachi’s main areas of expertise. This may also limit the company’s possibilities for contractors who need a wider variety of machinery.
  2. Parts and service: Although Hitachi and John Deere’s collaboration may offer superior assistance in some areas.
  3. It might be more challenging to locate parts and services for Hitachi machinery in places with a weak dealer network. In case of this, you can have a used Hitachi excavator for sale to avoid the cost.

Differences Between the Two Digging Deeper Brands

Efficiency And Onboard Technology

The Cat 313 Excavator has a number of onboard technologies to improve productivity. For instance, the Cat Grade with 2D system uses onboard processors. Along with it, they use automatic sensors to provide real-time.

The guesswork-free guidance on the distance to grade, while the Cat Payload on-the-go weighing system improves loading efficiency. The excavator made by Hitachi lacks both.

Digging Deeper Force

Maximum digging deeper forces in the 313 are always accessible in all modes. Therefore, no further operator input is necessary. The maximum digging powers of Hitachi’s excavator are only accessible for eight seconds while using the Power Boost button.

To optimize tool performance and uptime, the integrated tool control auxiliary circuit is finally available in the 313 model. However, Hitachi’s auxiliary circuit is not entirely automatic, which may result in less efficiency and the need for certain manual hydraulic adjustments. In terms of efficiency and onboard technology, Cat wins out.


The two most important performance parameters for excavators are hydraulic flow and engine horsepower. In what way do the two models compare like doosan vs volvo? As per the Hitachi’s model, the Cat 313 boasts a maximum hydraulic flow of 16% and 12% greater net engine horsepower. Better performance on the job site is equal to more power.

Along with having two extra track links on each side as to the Hitachi, the Cat excavator also has a longer undercarriage. This improves lift, stability, and flotation. Furthermore, the Cat 313 weighs more than 2,700 pounds more than the Hitachi model. Even though size isn’t always a factor for the comparison, the increased steadiness on the job site is the result.

Safety and Serviceability

Availability is the most critical factor, therefore even while performance and efficiency are significant. Also, it won’t matter if your machine isn’t able to remain in good working order. Which device, then, offers more safety measures and is better serviceable?

2D E-fence technology is standard on Cat excavators. By defining boundaries via their monitor, it starts the operators to work in a safer environment with fewer incidents. You can Used CAT Excavator for sale right away!

The Hitachi model does not include this type of technology. In terms of safety, the 313 outperforms the competitor. Thanks to standard cameras on the back and right side and an available 360-degree four-camera system. The single standard feature on Hitachi’s excavator is a rear camera.


Every one of these leading manufacturers of used construction equipment supplier has advantages and disadvantages. Despite having a large product line and a strong resale value, Caterpillar leads the market in equipment costs. Although other excavators are for producing high-tech, fuel-efficient machinery, its dealer network might not be as extensive as Caterpillar’s digging deeper. Other construction equipment is popular because of their dedication to sustainability and safety.

Meanwhile, John Deere is a reliable brand with a wide range of products and excellent customer service. In addition, Hitachi Construction Machinery focuses on excavation and earthmoving equipment. As it is dependable and effective, it might not have the product selection or support system that certain contractors need. The ideal brand for your construction company will ultimately rely on your unique requirements, financial constraints, and personal tastes.

Examine the benefits and drawbacks of each brand carefully. Also, don’t be afraid to seek guidance and recommendations from dealers and other contractors. If you’re in search of best excavators, Fxexcavator is here. We sell affordable excavators at the most affordable price.

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